mexi & co

Hi guys !


I want to share with you one of my favorite restaurant which is « Mexi&Co », it’s located on 10 rue Dante, 75005 Paris, France. This restaurant is very close to Odeon district, where there are a lot of university students, especially on Saturday nights.

In fact there are not a lot of good Mexican restaurants in Paris, but this one is very good. If you want to enjoy your dinner in a very good place, this restaurant is perfect for you. The restaurant is not big but the atmosphere is very nice, for exemple you can see and buy all the ingredients used to prepare your meal. As you can see in the picture they’re put on shelves on the wall.

The staff is very nice and when you arrive they are very welcoming. Sometime, Mexican music is played, so it’s nice.

As every good restaurant, the dinner is not cheap but it’s not that expensive either, in fact the ratio quality-price is very good.

If you go to this place, tell us if you liked it, and what were your favorite dishes.

Enjoy your dinner.


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