Hi Guys !

Today i want to share with you a japanese restaurant that i really love, it’s called magokoro and it’s located 33 rue Lamartine, 75009 in Paris.  

You have to know that in this japanese restaurant there aren’t any sushi and maki, but mostly typical japanese meals. For example  you can eat jellyfish or seabream marinated in kiwi.

The place is a llitle bit small  , so you need a reservation if you want to be sure to have a table, because this restaurant is often full . When you arrive, you are welcomed by the owner and the chef who are very sympathetic .

For me it is one of the best japenese restaurant I have been to , so don’t hesitate anymore, pick up the phone and make your reservation, you will not regret it ! 

If you tried it , let us know what you think of this place and your favorite dish.

Have a nice week food lovers !


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